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Proper fix for zeros CW displaying on file when streamrelay is used. Patch provided by @cokeaddict

ohmza requested to merge proper-fix-for-zeros-cw-on-streamrelay-ecm-info into master

Here is the patch that doesn't touch anything on other CA systems CW. The only thing that this patch does is making the NDS CW0 and CW1 on file rolling when streamrelay is in used. This patch will satisfy everyone but @nautilus7. Hence, I have made a decision that I won't commit this patch by myself whatsoever. @Bust3D @djmastera2000 @felixka @OptimumPower @WXbet and @nautilus7 must get together and figure out a solution on this file bug and merge it whenever you guys would like to.

@Token @loka @OptimumPower @WXbet Please test whether the patch is working correctly or not.

If any of you want to understand the situation in details, please follow this thread on Streamboard (from reply 59 onwards) >>

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